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about kombucha

what is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea made with just three ingredients: Sugar, Water & Tea. 

A live culture called SCOBY is then added, which feeds off the sugar and tea, this when the fermentation and transforms the seemingly simple drink into a refreshing and bubbly beverage with a rich and complex flavour.

Some find the fruity, vinegary flavor of kombucha to be an acquired taste, so if you’re sipping it for the first time be sure to sample a few different flavours. We recommend our 'pineapple express' flavour for kombucha virgins!

health benefits of kombucha

Thanks to the fermentation process, the tea is packed with probiotics, particularly when raw or unpasteurized. These microorganisms are the “good” type of bacteria similar to what occurs naturally in our intestines.

It is commonly known that the bacteria that live in your gut have a significant impact on the immune system and fermented foods such as Yogurt, Kombucha, Kimchi and Tempeh can help bolster your immune responses to disease and infection.

Kombucha can also help reduce daily caffeine and sugar intake by acting as a healthy replacement for sugary sodas, juices and coffee, while also providing the anxiety-relieving and soothing properties that come with sipping a cup of tea!

Kombucha naturally contains traces of alcohol which are produced during the fermentation process, but don't worry, it's lower than 0.5% of your beverage. If you'd like a more boozy kombucha, follow our Instagram page  @hydrakombucha for cocktail recipes that feature our kombucha as the key ingredient!

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